¡Sesame Mucho!

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Track Listing
1. Sesame Street Theme - Los Niños
2. ¡Bienvenidos! (Welcome!) - Malo: Vocals by Jorge Santana and Tony Smith
3. No Matter What Your Language (No Importa Su Idioma) - Luis and Big Bird
4. Yo (Me) - Maria and Cookie Monster
5. I'd Like to Tell a Story (La Del Cuento Soy Yo) - Vikki Carr
6. Loud and Soft (Fuerte y Suave) - Luis and Bob
7. Puerto Rico - José Feliciano
8. Rubber Duckie (El Patito) - Ernie and Bert
9. Tu Me Gustas (I Like You) - Vikki Carr with Grover
10. The People in Your Neighborhood (La Gente En Tu Barrio) - Maria, Susan, Luis and Bob
11. Snow (Nieve) - Maria and Luis
12. Show Me How You Feel (¿Cómo Te Sientes?) - Malo: Vocals by Jorge Santana, Tony Smith and Pablo Tellez
13. Take a Breath (Respirar) - Vikki Carr with Luis
14. Bein' Green - José Feliciano
15. Canta (Sing) - Los Niños