Along with Sesame Streem, I also maintain the website

About Svoundtrack
Svoundtrack was born out of a love for soundtracks and the desire to bring rare and out of print titles into the 21st century; specifically, onto the compact disc. There are so many titles that were never released onto CD or released in such small numbers that they are all but impossible to find. That is where Svoundtrack comes in! Every vinyl album or cassette tape that you purchase at Svoundtrack comes with a professionally transferred copy on CD. This copy, a legal reproduction by law, will contain track numbers just like any regular CD would have, along with sound quality far beyond what you would expect from an LP or cassette.

Listen Now, Buy Later
You will notice that along with every album on Sesame Streem there is a "Check store for availability" link. You can use this link to quickly search my soundtrack store for the album you are listening to. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep all these titles in stock - some are very rare and I consider myself lucky to have even found one copy - but I do attempt to keep as many on hand as possible. There are also titles that have not yet made it onto Sesame Streem, so be sure to have a look around!

If an album you are interested is not in stock, please send me an e-mail and I would be happy to see if I can locate another copy for you.

" has too many Sesame Street albums to count!"